Training in trading

A program for anyone who would like to learn how to trade. Only professionals can make a profit on this market; newcomers lack the skills and experience. This is why we've decided to share our expertise and teach our clients how to follow the markets in real time.

How does it work?

First, you'll be offered an interview with a business coach. This is necessary in order to evaluate your level of preparedness and to compile an individualized lesson plan. The choice of program depends on your familiarity with the subject.

You will be assigned to a personal business coach — an analyst or trader. This will be an experienced specialist with a degree in a technical or economic specialty who knows how to trade, understands market movements, and can analyze macro- and microeconomics. The coach will explain difficult terminology in accessible terms.

The training takes place remotely, so you can learn at any time that is convenient and make individual arrangements with your coach. The program duration depends on how familiar you are with trading. You'll spend 3–4 hours a week on the education program.

Our train also involves a practical online component: concluding small deals. We explain market rules during a real trade: how to make the correct volume calculations, respond to gains and losses, analyze errors, and use risk minimization tools. Our goal is to teach you how to think like a professional trader.

What will you learn as part of your education?

  • An accurate understanding of the market: participants and their goals, how major players view the market.
  • How prices for financial instruments are formed.
  • How to use technical analysis indicators.
  • How to properly evaluate risks and mitigate them, if possible.
  • How to build a trading strategy.
  • Types of market analysis.
  • How to take a comprehensive approach to deals.
  • How to correctly interpret events and react to media dumps of information to manipulate market participants.

Most importantly, we'll be working with real deals and not with a demo account. This way, you will always know the current market situation and learn to follow it. If news that's important for the market comes out, your business coach will contact you and explain how to respond to it and what it means for trading.

It's important to note that you should not count on a large, stable income from trading right after you finish your training. The training is a foundation that needs to be supplemented with constant practice. You won't be making huge profits right away, and you should be prepared for that.

We'll teach you to understand the market like professional traders do, to correctly interpret events, and to make the right decisions.

Training in trading at Olimp Consulting offers you:

  • Real trading experience.
  • Work with a personal business coach who is a practicing specialist.
  • An individualized training program.
  • A correct understanding of the market.
  • Psychological preparedness for working in the market.
  • The thought process of a professional trader.