Transaction Analysis

Transaction analysis is an audit of your trading history.

How does it work?

Olimp Consulting's analysts conduct an analysis of the history of trade operations that you provide. The time span of the trade history doesn't matter.

Analyzing a trade history takes two weeks on average. Based on the results of the analysis, you'll receive an expert's evaluation, as well as our recommendations, enabling you to make informed decisions.

The trade history analysis includes:

An analysis of price predictions. We'll conduct an audit and figure out the quality of your price movement predictions and the rationale guiding your deals.

Risk management evaluation. We'll analyze the trade results and the volume chosen for specific operations. It can't be identical — traders have to use different tactics in different conditions. It's important not only to be able to predict price changes using an instrument, but also to manage risks intelligently. We conduct a detailed analysis using software we've developed ourselves.