Foreign Exchange Transactions

Foreign exchange transactions are a type of currency exchange that occur directly on the stock exchange. A bank's exchange rate is unprofitable because of the bank's surcharge, whereas on the stock exchange there are no surcharges.

How does it work?

You open a brokerage account at a stock broker of your choosing, pick your currency and the amount you need. The money will be delivered into your checking account in the currency of your choice. This is convenient if you need cash and you, say, are going on vacation. Both organizations and private individuals can take advantages of this service.

There are no limits on the currency exchange. The exchange is safe because it goes through a state-controlled stock exchange. The currency exchange usually takes a few minutes and never longer than a few hours.

We'll consult you on the transaction and answer all your questions.

Advantages of foreign exchange operations on the stock exchange

You save 1–3 % of your money.

You save time. You don't need to go to the bank and wait in line — you can exchange currency using your computer or smartphone.

Currency choice. You can obtain a currency that's unavailable at banks without advance notice. For example, yen or Swiss francs.

It's important to note that you can't make a profit on foreign exchange transactions — they only help to save time and money.

Benefits of currency exchange
The calculation is based on the average exchange rate of banks selling the relevant currency and current exchange quotations.
100 000$
You buy
Pound sterling
Japanese yen
Swiss frank
Canadian Dollar
Russian ruble
Exchange rate
EUR/USD: 1.12
Banking Course
EUR/USD: 1.15
Total Purchased
89 286 EUR
2 329 EUR