Business Investments

We help our clients find business investments and subsidized interest rates for their business projects.

How does it work?

A client comes to us for help attracting investments to a project. We ask them for their goals, business plan, their vision of the market and the product, and the project's economic rationale. If needed, we adjust the base values in accordance with investment companies' requirements. We then begin the search for investors. Investors can be venture capital funds, direct support funds, private investors, crowdfunding platforms, or other sources of funds.

As soon as we find a potential investor who meets the investment specifications, we let our clients know. If the client is happy with the terms, we introduce them to the investor. After the introduction, we try to observe the deal up to the very end in order to support our clients throughout the entire negotiation process and the signing of an agreement.

We don't charge commission fees for investor searches. Clients only pay us if they've successfully attracted investments. The sum of the commission is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Investors are more likely to be interested in innovative early-stage projects and investments aimed at scaling up an existing business.