An audit helps business owners and executives to make sense of changes in value among several asset types: currencies, commodities, and securities. With information on the economic situation in these industries at your disposal, you'll be able to make informed decisions.

For instance, if you manage a tube-rolling plant, it's important for you to know price forecasts for metals a few weeks ahead of time, in order to successfully manage your company's operations.

All businesses need audits:

Mid-size businesses that don't have an analytics department, but do have a need for market analytics. Therefore, we carry out the role of the analytics department at mid-size businesses.

Major businesses which need to predict stock prices that aren't their own specialists' realm of expertise or to add to the information they have with the help of an external source.

Asset groups that can be analyzed.

1. Currency.
Companies that work with foreign markets — closing deals with foreign partners, clients, and suppliers — should know currency market forecasts.

2. Commodities.
Commodity analytics are useful for companies that produce or process raw materials, such as metals, hydrocarbons, grain, etc.

3. Company shares.
Stock market forecasts and analytics are important not only for financial companies, but also for companies in other industries, allowing them to understand the state of the stock market in their industry, predict their own capitalization, and conclude major deals at the right time.

How does it work?

We identify your goals and recommend a set of shares that you should watch in order to meet your objectives. To accomplish this, we study foundational news in the industry and reports from specialized sources and conduct a technical analysis. We then aggregate the information we've found and prepare a report.

It's important to keep in mind that the report is not a ready-made solution. Recommendations can change along with the market, so we accompany our clients for as long as necessary and regularly update our forecasts. We prefer to work long-term and to constantly inform our clients about analytics on topics of their choosing.

Each client is assigned a personal manager who knows the history of our partnership and the client's objectives.