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Hedging helps prevent losses due to currency fluctuations and make a profit on the stock exchange:

— We prevent the risk of loss of funds due to changes in exchange rates, so you can fully focus on your business.

— We audit the industry so that you know future price dynamics and can conclude successful deals.

— We exchange currency through the Moscow Stock Exchange. You can invest your available funds on the stock exchange and earn money every day.

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Business Investments

If you have special skills, have developed a product and confirmed demand in the realm of import substitutions, we can help you choose investments and compile an economic rationale for the project.

In order to do this, we have established partnerships with private and state-owned funds that support small and medium businesses.

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Foreign Exchange Transactions

If you work with foreign contractors and make purchases in foreign currencies, we offer currency conversions on the stock exchange without banks or middlemen.

This will help you save money and make profits — while you wait for the right exchange rate, you can receive payments on your account every day.

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So that you can plan the best time for a deal, we have compiled a prediction of quote movements in the industry. We'll show you how events will unfold and what can influence the price of your purchase.

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Training in Trading

A personal coach will help you figure out different trade strategies in practice — you'll see how deals are closed, how positions close and open, and much more.

After your training is finished, you'll be able to trade on your own.

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Trade Operation Analysis

To check your account or analyze your trade strategy, ask our auditor for an evaluation and recommendations.

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Trust Management

Trust management allows investors to make a profit and protect their funds from financial markets.

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