About the company
We specialize in trust management for businesses and individuals, helping our clients maintain and increase their capital. In the past 7 years, we have worked with over 250,000 clients.
Our work principles

We only make a profit when you do.

We don't have hidden commission fees for management: you only pay for results.

We constantly analyze financial markets

We work with news wire agencies, develop our internal analytics center, and collaborate with private and state-owned funds.

Professionalism in every detail

Each employee in our company has an intricate understanding of the trade — we only work with experts.

You won't get any unclear answers from sales managers, we always call back promptly, we keep records of all communication, and we make good on all our promises.

We don't cut corners with our teams and make one person perform the roles of sales manager, financial analyst, and trader — each function is performed by an individual employee.

Our history

Olimp was founded in 2006 as a company that only managed its own funds when trading on financial markets.

By 2010 we had gathered a strong team of traders, grown into a management company and started attracting funds belonging to investors and corporate clients.

Gradually clients began to ask us for other services: currency exchange, hedging, training in trading, auditing. It was than that we decided to scale up the company's activities and started working with new services.

In 2015, we started working with investors of all scales — both businesses and private clients. We restructured and renamed the company Olimp Consulting.

The company is founded
Its London office opens
The offer of services expands
The Moscow office opens
The analytics department and training center open
The company is restructured
Collaboration begins with countries in Latin American
Our team

We believe that the results of our work are the results of what our team does. Everyone can rely on each other's experience — we insist on professionalism, so we only work with trustworthy and reliable people.

Analytical Support Department

The department colloborates with news wire agencies and keeps track of market news.

Constant analysis enables us to make real-time decisions.

Trading and Risk Management Department

We personally developed the strategies that we offer clients. We do not copy other people's strategies off the Internet.

In order to protect you from unforeseen situations, the Risk Management Department monitors the client account 24/7 and makes timely adjustments.

Tech Support

Support is available 24/7 and can answer our clients' questions on any day of the week.